Car Body Shop, Repair
and Painting Services

Whether you’re looking for a full car body painting service, a custom job or a simple chip and scratch preventive service Abels Body Shop and Paint can offer you with the best service in town. We have qualified technicians, we use the best quality products and we can ensure your satisfaction from our customer service.

Paint-less Dent Removal (PDR)

If you have minor dings or dents on your car, paint-less dent repair (PDR) may be a great affordable option to consider for repairs. This method uses special tools that pull the dents out of the surface of the vehicle without damaging the overall paint.

Paint-less Dent Removal
Computerized color matching

Computerized Color Matching

This technology was developed mainly to match the original color of any vehicle, but in recent years more and more clients want to customize the color of their vehicles: car, motorcycle, trucks, even golf carts to match certain items like tennis shoes, characters, commercial brands, etc.

We can mix paint to match the color of any item, just bring in a sample of the color you want to match and we’ll take care of your custom painted car.

Bumper Repair

Sometimes a fender bender affects just the bumper of your car, no need for a major repair service. At Abels Body and Paint Shop we repair dents, scuffs, scrapes, holes, and punctures in automotive plastic bumper covers, fast and an affordable price.

Car Bumper Repair
Major and Minor Auto Collision Repair Services

Hail Damage Repair

One of the most unpredictable and annoying car repair issues is hail repair. You see the storm coming but not the golf ball sized hail hitting your precious vehicle. We offer paint-less dent repair (PDR) to take care of those little surfaces bends caused by the hail.

Preventive Paint Service (Paint Chips & Scratches)

Sometimes little chips and scratches can have a big impact on your car’s appearance in the long run if left unfixed. Those chips and scratches can let water, humidity and wind under your car’s coat causing flaking paint and rust.

Abels Body and Paint Shop will fix those chips and scratches before they turn into a nightmare.

Chips and Scratches Repair
Custom Paint Jobs

Custom Paint Jobs

From classic cars to the late models we do more than professional car body repairs and painting, we also like to get creative. If you want to bring to life your vehicle with a creative and fun design or just want to pimp your ride with a new color that matches your lifestyle, let us take care of your project.

We work on classic cars, sport cars, trucks, motorcycles or any vehicle that comes to your mine.

Fleet and Commercial Paint Jobs

If you’re looking to customize, upgrade or personalize your fleet appearance Abels Body and Paint Shop is your reliable and professional choice.

We can personalize your vehicles with your company’s brand, color scheme and logo.

Fleet and commercial paint jobs
Factory Baked Finish

Factory Bake Finish

Baking is a method called force curing, normally reserved for paints that are a two part mix (base and catalyst). It’s much faster than allowing the paint to air-dry, and because it’s faster, it minimizes risk of contamination and damage (while reducing take time).